After the event "IT-TRANSFORMATIONin May 2015 and within the framework of Days of Integration Collaborative Systems in the Organization (JISCO'2017) in its third edition, the Association for Applied ICT and Teaching Professional (Pro-didactic) in partnership with Cloud Temple Tunisia, TMI, ISIMA, ISET of Mahdia launches the international symposium on the theme "IT-ECOSYSTEM",  18th and 19th March 2017 in Mahdia, Tunisia.

For two decades, IT has conquered our personal and professional environment. We live in a digital ecosystem where everything is dematerialized. Companies and institutions have changed their behavior with these means of communication, monitoring, administration, backup, security, performance and more sophisticated mobile availability: distributed computing.....

Our digital ecosystem is thriving. New services from cloud computing, big data, enterprise 2.0, 3.0, etc., alter our habits.

Indeed, the massive use of the Internet and all its applications (email, social networks, e-commerce sites, websites, search engines, etc.) urges the user to provide often so "innocent" information (nickname, username, address, preferences, etc.) without considering the consequences.

Confronted very early to issues of very large volumes of information (left on the Internet), the giants of the Web, the first of which GOOGLE, YAHOO FACEBOOK and were the very first to deploy a new type of technologies: BIG DATA.

If the use of these data first is for the user consultation increased comfort, value is clear for businesses, which can target them with their offers. The average user becomes for the managers of data centers a monetized product, with the risk of lead in him reluctance increasingly acute to deliver information. A delicate balance, but that should determine our digital future.

In this seminar, to understand the business and the IT industry in the context of an ecosystem, participants will find the opinion and proposals of the best specialists and experts in the digital ecosystem and the Internet by examining according to three authors crucieux parameters of the IT ecosystem : robustness, innovation and productivity in its most platforms, important infrastructure, software and services. The challenge is to animate this ecosystem with a constant concern for synergies in three key concepts: Self-organization, scalability and Sustainability.


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01 March 2017

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